Haile Menkarios Engaged to A Sudanese; Plans to convert to Islam

Haile to convert to Islam?


Sudanese Arabic newspaper, Al-Sudani, reported that on June 26, 2011,  Haile Menkarios, an Eritrean national and United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Sudan, is reported to have been engaged  in Khartoum to a Sudanese national called Ala Abdel-Majid Ali Hassan.

Ms. Ala is an employee of the UN in Sudan and the daughter of an ex-Sudanese ambassador.

The Sudanese newspaper reported that families of both the couple, ambassadors, UN employees, and elders attended the engagement ceremony. According to Al-Sudani sources, Mr. Menkarios, a Christian,  is expected to go to Egypt to convert to Islam before he marries Ms. Ala.

(Source: http://www.alsudani.sd/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=194:2010-11-21-15-52-52)


16 responses to “Haile Menkarios Engaged to A Sudanese; Plans to convert to Islam

  1. entai mxe haymanotka zekeyir, beal metkel zeyblom.gilbit gilbet zeyhfrom. wey gud zeysmae neger yelbon.
    Does she know who he is or she only knows that he works for the UN, which has been given to him by selling his country,
    Shame on both of you!!!!

  2. anta haile antay weridika dae izen kulen mesli mariam zmesla deki adi khelewakh’s mes nay Nuban arabn zerae tichemalek

  3. Congratulation sir and happy wedding.those who mourms what is ur problem that is his choice plus this man is one of the most educated personal in our country which is sadenly full of narrow minded like you guys

  4. to love & to change faith doesn’t have connection with “opposition” or “hager mishat”. this is personal…marrying a sudanese and changing his belief doesn’t affect Eritrea. don’t mix things guys.

  5. to: wedi mohammed

    people who left comments did NOT even suggest that hager was for cristians. you are actually the first person to suggest such a thing. i think you are slightly off-topic there.

  6. It is only Islam who dont allow to be married to a none muslim, so that the only chance the lovers have is, that the none muslim accepts islam.

    Islam should also be more tolrant as others are regarding marriage.
    More than 90% of islam converts are due to marriage.

  7. Christianity means getting your real freedom. The only true democratic religion is christianity, i.e. your religion is your individual option and no other person enforce you or judge you if you do not obey it.

  8. Mensur and wedi Mohammed,

    Please understand that some of the comments that you see here are given by non-Eritreans who are pretending to be one. They are purposely posting negative comments about Muslims because they want you to react exactly as you did. That is how they divide people in their country and now they are trying restlessly to bring the poison into Eritrea.

    As far as I understand, however, Menkarios was and is a heartless deserter and non-religious pagan who does not deserve to be neither a Christian nor a Muslim. Based on his past history and personality, he is marrying this particular Sudanese girl not because he wants to become a Muslim and not because he has a heart to love, but only because he sees some personal advantage for himself.

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