Red Sea Boys Players Reportedly Go Missing

Red Sea Boys: Shame on You

By Majuto Omary,

The Cecafa-organised competitions are always fascinating events as they constantly supply moments of drama, brilliance and absurdity as the council has no idea of the whereabouts of 13 members of Red Sea of Eritrea.

They literally disappeared shortly after their quarter-final match of the just concluded Kagame Castle Cup, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) confirmed yesterday.

TFF secretary general Angetile Osiah admitted that they are also in the dark as to where the Eritrea team players could be. Osiah said the Red Sea members failed to return to Eritrea with the rest of the squad and might be seeking asylum in one of the East and Central African countries. “We have informed the immigration authorities about the matter, we are optimistic they will arrest them, it’s very disappointing,” he said.

They are among the 25 members of the Eritrea squad who were in the country to compete in this year’s Kagame Castle Cup, which came to an end on Sunday at the National Stadium.

The TFF official said the players did not return to Lunch Time Hotel, Ubungo, where they were booked after their final group stage match last week. There have been no reports or statements from the neighbouring countries about the whereabouts of them so far.



6 responses to “Red Sea Boys Players Reportedly Go Missing

  1. It is not difficult to understand who is behind this case. We all know who could be organizing and clearing the way for these kids to go into the dark. Believe me these kids are brain washed by a group that doesn’t wish anything good for Eritreans and Eritrea. These football players could have completed their education in Eritrea and become engineers, lawyers, doctors … etc. while enjoying all the respect they were getting from their country as well as the continent at large. Education is FREE in Eritrea!! All you need is a working brain!! I’m sure these kids do have relatives who volunteered and sacrificed their lives for the independence of Eritrea. All that was expected from these kids, however, was to volunteer and play football!! Giving up on your country and your bright future to become a parking lot attendant or a dish washer in a hotel is never a good choice. But make no mistake, this is insignificant compared to all the obstacles we Eritreans had to face and overcome. The camel marches on while the dogs bark!!

  2. it is normal, they take asylment for their economical reasons
    let them wish good luck, and do not blaim eritrean government
    they are doing their best to build the nation

  3. even somali with almost no goverment there and a war torn country their footballers,never did,anything defeting their land like Eritreans do. What were they thinking to brought shame for their people and county? This is good news for those fake medias who sit and,wait like hungery wlof to get bad,and negative news about eritrea

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