Security Council to Meet on Eritrea's Request, Is Badme in the Eye of the Beholder?

Is Uganda becoming Eritrea's sworn enemy?

By Matthew Russell Lee (Inner City Press),

On Eritrea’s request, the UN Security Council will meet on July 19. But the meeting is now turned against Eritrea, with not only Ethiopia and Somalia but also Djibouti, Uganda and other set to attend.

Eritrea is going to get its [behind] kicked,” a Security Council member told Inner City Press on Monday night. “They’re not going to know what hit them.”

When Eritrea’s president met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on July 8, he asked for “three hours” to make his case, including against sanctions. But sanctions aren’t set by Ban Ki-moon, but rather by the Council.

Just like last September, when Eritrea got thrown out of a meeting on Somalia at the last minute at the insistence of Uganda, now it will be barrage on Tuesday afternoon.

But as more than one Council member told Inner City Press, why not pressure Ethiopia to give back the strip of land in Badme that Eritrea won? “They’d have no leg to stand on,” as one member put it. “Meles Zenawi is ready to give it back, but he doesn’t want Eritrea gloating about it.”

  This from a person who called Eritrea repressive, accusing it of not giving passports to any male between 20 and 40 years old.

  Will the solution to this problem have to await the next generation of leaders? (Source)


10 responses to “Security Council to Meet on Eritrea's Request, Is Badme in the Eye of the Beholder?

  1. Your comment disgusting about Eritrea no bady can Kick Eritrea from behaind.Uganda as a nation isn’t competent to comper it with Eritrea.
    Uganda is parasite stat that lives out of hand out from wester countries Museveni is nothing but pupet who is happy when ever he takes picture with his white master.Eritrea is respected member of UN.When our president asks for metting you se it happens the countries you named are just banana republics which have no relevance with metting they are jast there by order of thier masters to fyll the chair Eritrea knows from where the orders come and she dicus it with them meanig US.

  2. aye fuad, donot cheat urself! i have not ever seen ugandans migrate to eritrea, when uganda is full of eritrean migrants desperately begging for refuge. uganda is better than eritrea by all eonomic standards. when uganda banned eritrea from the somalia meeting it is 4 our good. cos isaias will do everything to spoil and risk us to regional rage against him. as wikileaks has recently revealed the region or the globe doesnt see isaias as what the pfdj tugs use to preach- paragon of wisdom, absolutly not. they rather consider him as a psychopath who has mental instability.

  3. This is a good start. Isaias is willing to talk and the more he talks the more he will be open to compromise in that all meles chenawi want is a face saving mechanism for his lost of badme. Meles has been saying this for about a year now, all he wants is that not for Isayas to celebrate and declare that he won by getting badme back. Isayas needs to help meles politically not embarass him, then as far as meles is concerned he would even give 10 mile deep into woyaneland as long as isayas helps him in covering up the crime meles has been comitting against the whole people who reside there.
    Good start give meles a political cover and get our land back and continue the economic progress that just started getting moving fast. If there is no peace with meles more sanction will come to eritrea and the Usa’s chief spy in the horn is meles himself so they will listen to him. but mark my word the usa will be the one to throw him out of office to meles chenawi as soon as they realise he is no use for them, they will throw him to the trash bin as a used condom.
    cooperate with the usa spy agent in the horn for the sake of peace and progress. afterall we shouldn’t care much as long as we get our land back that we paid a heavy price for…
    just my two cents and God bless the motherland Eritrea.

  4. hi fuad you are fraud like your president king of kings,who promise Eritrean people freedom not only from Ethiopia but also freedom to everything.we Eritreans were killed by Mengistu and now by Isaias Afewerki.and please get to high school and avoid misspelling.dont compare Uganda with Eritrea if you dont know Eritrea ask Eritreans.

  5. And for the countries like uganda, somalia they will just be reading papers prepared by the ciaa and agent meles himself, so shame on them but dont forget who is behind the curtain.

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  7. Seni! I don’t know how old u r. But I can see that u can’t read the world situation. No African country ever granted peace by the US. For the US what is important is if u work for the interest of US or not. If u can give every interset for them, die for their benefit then u r democratic ruler no matter who u r, even you kill the whole population. U R paralized and fed by them and the only beneficiary will be US and individual citizens like the president including his elite and family. Just consider one thing, if the Eritrean President is working for his personal benefits, wouldn’t it be better to lick US’ ass and protect his position having millions in his personal account no matter how Eritrean people live? Besides don’t you fill ashamed begging the west to administer u as if they love your people more than yourself? Have you ever heard of the crimes commited by the US FOR THEIR OWN INTERST and never been liable for it? Have you ever heard about UN resolution to stop US from wrong doings? Why, now, you feel you get solution from the west. OR is it just an avenge arising from a personal hatered!!!! Please Seni! think about the people and be aware of the poison from the West!!!!

  8. @ Jamal my friend you don’t have the slightest clue about Eritrea. You are one of those stupid people who likes to go by what you hear. If only you could use the ablility of the internet to research the two countires then you will know which is better. My dear friend I hope you can read this message and put it to use. + you cant insult someone by calling then King of Kings, the Eritrean president is what you call him and he has done nothing to the Eritrean nation but guide it to peace and prosperity unlike those corrupt countries you compare it too.

  9. Very well said. It’s people like him who are ready to sell thir country, you have to be a very narrow minded person to not understand the US and the United Nations foregin polices. There is proof of the wrong doings all over the world that shows that they work for their own intrests, and if they have someone like president Isaias to get in their way they will do whatever it takes to pull strings to get what they want.

  10. SENI


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