Eritrea is Strategic and Vital to the Stability of the Region: Uganda

President Musevini invited President Isaias for a state visit


Uganda has invited Eritrea’s leader, President Isaias Afewerki, accused by the West of stoking Somalia’s Islamist rebellion and destabilising the east African region, to a state visit next week, Uganda’s State House said.

Eritrea rejoined the East African bloc IGAD last month, four years after it walked out on the body in protest at arch-foe Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia to oust an Islamist administration the United States said had ties to al Qaeda.

Eritrea is one of the strategically vital countries to the stability of the region, especially in the Horn of Africa and the wider global agenda,” State House said in a statement late on Thursday.

A U.N. Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea said in late July that Asmara was bankrolling al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants in Somalia. Al Shabaab claimed they were behind a twin suicide bomb attack on the Ugandan capital, Kampala, last year.

Horn of Africa experts say that Isaias has become increasingly diplomatically isolated. Leader of one of the world’s most secretive states, Isaias makes few state visits.

The U.N. has imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, as well as a travel ban and an asset freeze on Eritrean political and military leaders who it says are violating an arms embargo on Somalia.

Asmara denies the charges, and accuses the United States and neighbouring Ethiopia of “irresponsible interference“.


Uganda Invites Eritrean Leader for State Visit


Uganda has invited the leader of the secretive state of Eritrea, Issaias Afeworki, for a three-day visit next week, terming the Horn of Africa country as key to regional stability.

However, Eritrea’s neighbours Ethiopia and Djibouti are leading East African calls for United Nations sanctions against Asmara over terror accusations.

“Eritrea is one of the strategically vital countries to the stability of the region especially in the Horn of Africa and the wider global agenda,” a statement by Uganda’s presidency said Thursday.

Issaias is expected to arrive on August 16.

Eritrea has sought to rejoin the East Africa peace bloc, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, four years after it pulled out, but the body has noted that Asmara faced serious accusations in a UN report.

The UN Monitoring Group on Eritrea and Somalia said Asmara was behind a plan to bomb an African Union summit in January in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.
UN experts have also said Eritrea was arming and supporting insurgents in Somalia, including the Shebab group linked to Al-Qaeda.

Uganda has deployed the bulk of soldiers to the African Union force in Somalia which the Shebab insurgents are battling to overthrow.



5 responses to “Eritrea is Strategic and Vital to the Stability of the Region: Uganda

  1. Only and only a COURAGEOUS PRINCIPLED Leader can take such decision to go to a sisterly country that yesterday SINISTER super power for their evil agenda of DIVIDA et IMPERA let the third world not to live in harmony and patriotic leaders where murdered in many countries starting from South America throu Africa to South Asia.
    God bless Eritrea and the noble leader H.E. ISAIAS AFEWORKI the President of the Stae of ERITREA.

  2. Well well……

    For me this is a make or break trip meaning either the two will fallout once and for all or they will mend their relation.

    My worry is that the last time Musevini was in Eritrea, our president received him at Massawa international airport (the first president to land at Massawa airport, by the way) and it is a kind of threat he received from PIA: You pack and leave Somalia or face the consequence.

    Ugandans were talking for sometime about that embaressing trip their president made in Eritrea and if I am not wrong, this invite would be a kind of pay back to score his own point by embaressing PIA one way or another.

    In any case lets hope this is for the better that would leave Woyane tags on the cold.

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  4. For my opinion,Africa and african leaders are being conciuos of dangerous plan of the modern neocolonazation wich all ready started in Ivory Coast and Libia, and who will be next? Will be the close allies.
    THE IMPIRE does’t need the allies needs the VASSALS.Wake up, in the ecomical crises regime always is followed by wars. No one cares about democracy human right in the third world, are tools to incriminate or invade indifensible state.

  5. I wonder if Musevenie is feeling jealous by the attention his co-agent of the west meles naziawi is getting and he wants to remind the west that he is still important agent that has connections with nationalist leaders like Isaias. The wikileaks has exposed this guy is the super agent of the west in region.
    But for peace’s sake let’s take his offer and hopefully agent meles feels the same way soon and start working for peace and respects the rule of law.

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