The Dilemma of Ethiopia’s Latest Failed Accusation of Eritrea

Kenya’s foreign minister Moses Wetangula threatening ambassador Beyene Russom on ‘taking a serious of actions’ on Eritrea ranging from sanction to severing diplomatic relation

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim,

On the Kenyan media in recent days some wisely orchestrated unwise news started to surface and is affecting the people of Kenya, the Somalis and the unfortunate Eritrea. From nowhere reports appeared that: A flight from unknown country landed in Baiodoa , Somalia, to deliver weapons.

Then the news readjusted to be two flights and resurfaced again that there is a third one as well. The news made headlines and started to implicate Eritrea for shipping the armaments.

Later the foreign minister of Kenya summoned the Eritrean Ambassador to the country for clarifications. The Ambassador was more diplomatic and was keen to keep his and his countries dignified diplomatic mission by delivering the truth that Eritrea has nothing to do with what have been told and his countries Foreign Minister will arrive for more discussion on the unwarranted baseless accusations.

The core question in this case arises from who is behind the false allegations against Eritrea and why now?

The answer as simple as it might seem it has some implications and is well designed and orchestrated by some actors. Among the leading actors is the Eritrean arch foe the minority regime of Ethiopia. Day in day out they are working to hit Eritrea with another illegal sanction that stimulate from jealousy. This time they are focusing on its main source of income the mineral industry. The regime in Ethiopia was not shy to circulate a pretense of accusations to support the intended goal of hitting hard economically and morally to the people of Eritrea. As it seemed not effective enough in the ears and minds of the most members of the UNSC, they had to look for means of any kind to support their case. They created this bogus accusation of delivering weapons via air freight.

Well, for those who are well aware of the politico-geography of Somalia and Eritrea, definitely the conclusion should be generalized as ‘outrageous lie‘. But those who are not that familiar with the geography of the region, if Eritrean flights are to fly to any part of Somalia, they have to utilize the Red Sea route, that is in a close range of Djibouti, where the US, French, military among many other countries are stationed. The radars of all those countries will witness of any flight. Not to forget they are three flights from the same sources to the same place, and it is questionable to suggest that they are not aware of.

Definitely, the US Drones and Kenyan Air Force could have easily caught the flights before it disappears to no where.

If those powers are keen to kill civilians, why would it be so difficult to find the airplanes that are flying over their heads again and again for three times?

On the other hand, Eritrea is working diligently to bring into light the TRUTH and the fact against the bogus accusation designed by some enemies of Eritrea in Washington DC and in the rings of NY’s specific diplomatic arena composed by arch foe Ethiopia. It is at this high moment of TRUTH, that Eritrea is betrothed to unveil the entire forge; this kind of accusation brought forward from nowhere.

The designers of this theater have to understand, they are not that smart enough if they think the peace loving society of our planet can buy this gimmick.

For those who are in the Politico Diplomatic arena please be advised such ploy should not challenge your professional intelligence.


4 responses to “The Dilemma of Ethiopia’s Latest Failed Accusation of Eritrea

  1. Now it is clear why the Kenyan Military moves in to Somalia. This latest military invasion in violation of international low was never to save Somalis or the kidnapped foreign aid workers or to crash Al-Shabab. It’s designed to implicate Eritrea again with another false allegation to sanction its progressive economy, mining sector and the Eritrean Diaspora. We only hope for GODs miracle to protect Eritrea and its nation. Our unity will grow more than ever during these difficult times and we will still exist no matter what.

    As for the African countries involved in this malice, their misery will never go away, they will still be fed by others, they will still be at the lowest level and lawless. With times, all the evil actors will be jagged and will pay heavy price for using Somalia and its nation as an excuse to promote their agenda in the region especially in Eritrea.

    May God protect Eritrea and its nation!
    Long life to PIA

  2. Kenyan militery have no any kind of war expriance when they face a big challange from somali all they do is blaming Eritrea. We shouldnt just let anyone accuse us for something we never did.

  3. Yes, it has well known to Eritrean citizens all over the world that the Susan Rice and accoplice of the servant government of Ethiopia are working to heat the economic spiral of Eritrea.
    But Eritreans are well experienced and are well prepared to any eventuality even to what they think is the worst.
    If they are unable to remember the history of the galant people, they have to refer to history of Eritrean struggle for independence. The whole world stood against the sole people of Eritrea on the side of Ethiopia. Some even said the Eritrean strugle will be crushed and will be history. Some said there will not be any more Eritrean independence movement any more, following the 6th offence of the Dergue regime in Ethiopia against Eritrea. Even that became history, Eritreans won both East and West’s help. Both East and West block stood with Ethiopia against Eritrea. The genuine struggle for independence have won.
    It is equally parallel on what is happening now. But we will come out victorious regardless of how strong how big the enemy could be.

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