Azania: The True Objective of Kenya in Somalia

An Oct 16 Kenyan military offensive suddenly turned in to a full invasion with the aim of disintegrating Somalia into many land, this time ‘Jubaland’

By Daniel Berhane,

As the conflict between Kenya and the Somali militia Al Shabab continues, it seems that the ultimate goal of the Kenyan raid could be draw new borders in the Somali territory with the creation of the Government of Azania, which would correspond to Jubaland region in the south and west of Somalia.

At first, the military offensive, launched in on October 16, was intended “to push Al Shabab away from the border,” as claimed by the Kenyan authorities themselves.

Kenya blames Al-Shabab for several attacks against European citizens in their territory, including the abduction on 13 October the White Spanish aid worker Thiebaut and Montserrat Serra in the Dadaab refugee camp, which would have been the trigger for Kenya’s military offensive. Continue reading


The Battle for Preferred Proxy Status: Ethiopia vs. Kenya

Zenawi's Sacrificial toy soldiers marching for round 2 invasion of Somalia

By Jawar Mohammed,

Ethiopia invaded Somalia, in 2006, in part encouraged by the United States, against series of warnings from regional analysts and strong domestic objections.

The two years of occupation, despite handing the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) a swift blow, had an unintended and deadly consequence of bolstering a more radical movement, al-Shabab, which has since emerged as the most dominant militant group in the Horn of Africa. The U.S. once again is engaged in a fight against a new enemy – another monster of its creation. Continue reading