Eritrea Resolution and Possible Address by the Eritrean President

Finally, President Isaias invited to address the Council though it was not clear if he will come or not due to the short notice


Following consultations among Council members on Wednesday, 30th November, first among experts and then at permanent representative level, it appears that Gabon circulated a revised draft resolution on Eritrea yesterday night. Gabon had called for a vote yesterday after having put a draft resolution in blue on Tuesday evening. However, it met opposition from several Council members who had amendments to the text.

Additionally, it seems most members were of the view that before taking any action Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki should be allowed to address the Council. Continue reading


UN Security Council Wrangles over Eritrea Sanctions

The resolution has now lost all it teeth to bite as proposed sanctions on mining industry and a ban on 2% tax have been taken out of it.

By Capital FM,

UN Security Council nations on Wednesday wrangled over a bid to impose new sanctions on Eritrea, which has been accused of plotting a bomb attack on an African summit.

With some countries insisting Eritrea’s President Issaias Afeworki be allowed to address the council, Russia led opposition to demands by the United States and Gabon for a vote Wednesday, diplomats said.

US ambassador Susan Rice said the 15 member council finally agreed to hold a vote on the resolution on Monday. Continue reading