More UN Eritrea Sanctions

With or without sanctions, Eritrea will emerge victorious by thwarting conspiracies, ensuring development and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty

By Thomas C. Mountain,

In the bizarre world of the UN [in]Security Council, the Monday, Dec. 5th passage of further “sanctions” against Africa’s fastest growing economy, targeting Eritrea in the Horn of Africa with its projected 5 years of double digit growth rate, should come as no surprise.

By a vote of 13 to 0, with China and Russia abstaining, the UNSC passed a second round of sanctions against Eritrea, the first being almost exactly two years ago. Continue reading

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US Dismisses Russia’s Concern over New Eritrea Sanction

Our concern is that the resolution is full of phrases that could have double meanings and secondly no proof presented to the Council for Eritrea's alleged bomb attack. Russian Envoy, Vitaly Churkin

By Daniel Berhane,

On Monday, the UN Security Council approved a new unjust Resolution (2023/2011) that expands the sanctions on Eritrea. The resolution was supported by 13 members of the Council, while Russia and China abstained.

Though the two countries are usually reluctant to support UN sanctions, the Russian representatives made a ‘curious remark’ on the alleged Eritrean attack plots.

The Russian Ambassador was quoted by UN Department of Public Information as follows: Continue reading