Darfur JEM Leader Khalil Ibrahim Killed

Darfur rebel leader Khalil Ibrahim killed "en route to South Sudan": Army

By Jeffrey Gettleman,

Khalil Ibrahim, a powerful Sudanese rebel leader who mounted a daring and near-successful raid that took his fighters from the sun-blasted deserts of Darfur to the doorstep of the capital, Khartoum, was killed in battle on Sunday, the Sudanese government said.

Sudanese military officials said they killed Mr. Ibrahim and several comrades during a shootout in the southern reaches of the country, and Arab news networks reported that Mr. Ibrahim’s family had confirmed his death. Continue reading


Eritrean Foreign Ministry Sent Letter to President of the UN Security Council

Eritrea: We urges for a review and annulment of the resolutions as well as replacing the Monitoring Group with an independent, impartial and credible body.

By MoFA,

The Eritrean Foreign Ministry last week wrote a letter to current President of the Security Council, H.E. Ambassador Vitaly  Churkin of Russia, to formally file its objection to Resolution 2023 (2011) and urges for an establishment of an independent, impartial and credible body in the place of the Monitoring Group, which has failed to garner the support of many members of the Security Council due to its lack of independence, professionalism, impartiality and objective.

It also urges the Security Council to review and annul the unwarranted measures and resolutions that are rooted on fabricated and groundless accusation that emanate from misguided and hostile political objectives. Please read the full content of the letter (13 pages) as well as the original letter below. Continue reading

Over 1.5 Million Year-old Human Skeleton Discovered in Buya, Eritrea

Eritrean Researchers working hard in narrowing the human trace gap

By Shabait,

Over one-million year-old human skeleton including skulls and molars has been unearthed in Buya area, Northern Red Sea region.

In the task undertaken by Eritrean and Italian archaeologists, the skeleton of the human species was excavated by Mr. Tsegai Medin, director of research department at the National Museum of Eritrea.

The unearthing of molars of human beings dating back to 1, 400,000 – 650,000 years in the Horn of Africa region was detected by Mr. Husein Omar, a guard of historical sites. Continue reading