First Winter Youth Olympic Games for Eritrea by 15 years old Shannon

Eritrean-Canadian ski racer, Shannon Abeda, during his practice

By TesfaNews,

An Eritrean website has reported that 15 years old Eritrean-Canadian downhill ski racer, Shannon Abeda, will represent Eritrea for the first time at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria from the 13th till the 22nd January 2012.

Young Shannon was born and raised in Canada has only been in his native country Eritrea at the age of six.

Eritreans all over the world are expressing their gratitude towards this young fellow who single handedly put his country Eritrea on the map of the first winter Youth Olympic Game competition. Continue reading


Zersenay Tadese Won the 56th Sao Silvestre Race with a New Record

The Eritrean athlete surpassed the 2010 winner and main favorite of the race, the Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie

Another show of domination by the Hero from the Can Do People

By TesfaNews,

Multiple Half-marathon world champion Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea won the 56th Sao Silvestre Race in Luanda, Angola, that was held this Saturday.

He clocked new course record 27:44 ahead of the Ethiopian pack.

Zersenay Tadese said it was difficult to win the trophy, given the quality of his opponents.

The prime favorite and winner of the 2010 race was the legendary Haile Gebreslassie of Ethiopia who, however, forced to finnish a humiliating fifth in just 28:08 Continue reading

China, Oil and Ethnic Cleansing in the Horn of Africa

The insecurity and escalating insurgency in the Ogaden region forced most Chinese workers to wear Ethiopian army uniforms whenever they went for their exploration work in the area.

By Thomas C. Mountain,

Chinese oil workers once again seem to be at the center of a nasty counterinsurgency in the Horn of Africa, in the Ogaden, located in south east Ethiopia.

The Ogaden is home to what is reported to be major deposits of gas and oil, though as in South Sudan, just how much is actually there is still just guess work.

In the 1960’s Western oil companies started finding lots of natural gas and maybe even oil in the region.

Then came various wars and then the US invasion of Somalia in 1992-3 and all the murder and mayhem this little war unleashed amongst the Somali people. Continue reading