Released from Eritrea, my Life and Awareness Changed Considerably: Adrian Troy

Superyacht skipper Adrian Troy has had a life-changing year in 2011, beginning on December 23, 2010, when he was detained in Eritrea on charges of espionage and terrorism.

I am back with a whole new outlook on life

By The Phuket News,

Having been locked up for six months in Eritrea, in the horn of Africa, the British seaman was suddenly released in June, and is now back sailing Southeast Asian seas with a whole new outlook on life.

Adrian, based in Phuket, is a very positive and personable man who has always been full of life; an adventurer who has travelled across the globe working as a pearl diver and pearl boat skipper in Australia, Myanmar and Phuket, the last of which he now considers his second home. It was when he took a temporary position for a ‘Private Security Company’ that his dark story began. Continue reading