Eritrea Rejects Ethiopia Blame For Attack on Tourists

Staging a killing of innocent people and blame it on Eritrea for a short-lived propaganda gains is what the minority led Ethiopian regime asks for its survival

If it was not a staged act by the Ethiopian regime, how come a gunment killed the tourists alone but not their armed guards or local drivers? Why the need to leave them unguarded?

By Shabtai Gold,

A deadly attack on European tourists along the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea has renewed a war of words between the two rivals, with Asmara rejecting accusations by Addis Ababa that it was behind the violence.

Gunmen killed five European tourists in Ethiopia’s north-eastern Afar region near the border with Eritrea on Monday, and took four people as hostages.

The Ethiopian government has put the blame squarely on Eritrea, which it accused of supporting and directing the gunmen. It gave no evidence to support its claim. Continue reading