World Reggae Star ‘Tiken Jah Fakoly’ Rocks Asmara

Africa is not what they show us on their TV, if you want to know about Africa, come and visit Eritrea” Tiken Jah Fakoly

The world renowned Reggae star from Côte d'Ivoire Tiken Jah Fakoly is in Asmara to campaign No-to-FGM

By EritreaCompass,

The past weekend has just gone away never to return, Asmara’s population just as the rest of the world has just begun their week starting Monday. After a busy day of work at 06:30pm a campaign to stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) kicked off at the stylish yet classic Cinema Roma with the worlds famous Reggae Super Star Tiken Jah Fakoly and his full band.

Organising the event, Peoples Front for Democracy & Justice (PFDJ) Cultural Affairs , National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students (NUEYS) , in collaboration with Alliance Francaise d’Asmara have one particular aim in common: NO TO FGM

The Eritrean government along with its other health endeavors has been long been recognised for its pioneering efforts in tackling health issue even in the most remote, arid and undeveloped parts of the Eritrea with the population relishing free healthcare for every Eritrean be it a child, an adult or an elderly.

Now more than ever, in an effort to stamp out female genital mutilation from Eritrea, the government of Eritrea has long ago introduced a law banning FGM as well as introducing education and awareness programs in every major city and even the most remotest parts of Eritrea.

The Eritrean government with its proven track record in all its health, and social service successes shall with no doubt tackle FGM.  In this great endeavor we would like to congratulate those nations that have made a great success in the health sector in general, as well as in stamping out FGM in particular, at the same time we would also endeavor to learn from those that have made a great success, and extend our experience to other developing nations with health challenges.

‘No to FGM’ being the central theme of the event, a Reggae musical flavor for the intended audience has been hard hitting in getting the message out to the audience.

A song specifically written, and dedicated to this cause has been played by the king of Reggae at the event. This in turn is expected to play a huge role in changing behaviors and attitudes thereby creating awareness stepwise in the society in to the effects of Female Genital Mutilation.

The audience both that have been at Cinema Roma and those that entered for the first time had something in common, the surprise of the décor and the excitement of the Reggae night with the worlds famous Super Star!

There was the Drum, the Guitar, the Bass, the Sax, the Trumpet, the Kora, the Keyboards, the Vocalists, and finally the A Star Reggae artist Tiken Jah Fakoly, yet it’s the cumulative musical talents that came out the speakers that blowed away the audience sending them on cloud nine.

Eritrea is in the process of real transformation to real democracy, freedom, and most of all Social Justice. This feeling and state of mind was reverberated by the Reggae Artist Tiken Jah Fakoly, and the crowd responded with absolute resonance exceeding any percentile. Without any exaggeration, and with proven track record of responding to its peoples needs, Eritrea is indeed the Land of Freedom, and should be crowned the Renaissance of Africa along side those nations that respond to their peoples needs.

Amongst the many quotes of Tiken that sent the crowd wild are as follows:

“Africa is not what they show us on their TV, if you want to know about Eritrea come and visit Eritrea “ Tiken Jah Fakoly

“I will dedicate this song to the fighters who make Eritrea free, because they were martyred for us for Africa” Tiken Jah Fakoly

“Africa is not free, now we need the real independence, Economical Independence and Political Independence” Tiken Jah Fakoly

The biggest musical hit was the song dedicated for Africa “ Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa wants to be free” even Tiken gave the audience a chance to chant, this is when the feelings of freedom for Africa really hit the roof spilling over to the streets of Asmara, or perhaps we hope the cities, villages, and the streets of Africa! What we really mean is if you are mentally connected with the idea, and the state of mind, we would like to very much hear it from you and retweet, Facebook it, shout it, do what you feel like doing to make our Africa free!

The campaign continues on the 07th of Feb 2012 at Asmara’s Bahti Meskerem an free open-air concert for everyone!


3 responses to “World Reggae Star ‘Tiken Jah Fakoly’ Rocks Asmara

  1. “Africa is not what they show us on their TV, if you want to know about Africa, come and visit Eritrea” Well said, Sir Tiken Jah Fakoly. I would like only to say God Bless You!!!

  2. Tank youDear Tiken Jah Fakoly, for coming to Eitrea and you share your love for Africa. It is AMZING WORK THAT YOU HAVE DONE. CONNECTNG COUNTRIES and peoples sof many countries and inspiring by sharingyour love and caring heart with others,

    Most of it I thank you for exploring Eritrea and the Eritrean people, as you said it , the land of love, the land of freedom and the land of pride. You also touchced my hear from deep down when you mentioned our 65,000 Martyers, who sacrificed their youth life , their knowledge just to eradiate coloinailism,oppression and exploitation. Thank you for remembering them, as they wr handsome, beutiful young men and young woemen who could have been alive and doing better than with theirlivs more than most of us, but dadicated their dear life for libearting our country, th libaration of one part of Africa and the liberationof the whole of the African people. Their struglle was to create viable, self sufficient, self rlaint Africant nation. The banner they carried must reach all africa. the struglgle ust continue until all of Africa gets the message and africa becomes self sufficient, sef reliant and a proud continent.

    Dear Tiken Jah Fakoly, hope you reach more and more countries to get your message accross. You are one of our heroes who is deidicated for the betterment of te life of Africans. March brother, march and educate people. Do what is required of you, give as much as you have it and be to give, walk as much as you could,inspire as many as possible, be avaialable to give as far as you are alive.

    God blessyou br.

    long live africa

  3. WE NEED TO DISTANCE OUR SELVES AWAY FROM THIS 'RASTA' CULT THAT IS DESTROYING YOUNGER GENERATION EVERY WHERE IT CAN GET ITS GRIP. the whole reggea and rasta thing is really getting no difffrent than the RAP and HIP-HOP CRAP that is infected with indecency, drugs, womenizing and now HOMOEXUALITY? ay yay yay i remember in 80s nd early 90s with real 'REGGAE MUSIC' LIKE BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS, UB40, MAXI PRIEST, now it's TOTAL GARBAGE. the only differnce with RAP IS THE BLOODY BEATS. 2 out of 3 mop head right now ARE JUNKYS. if THEY ROLL THAT HAIR, THEY SOME HOW THINK THEY HAVE TO ROLL THAT PAPER TOO. and with rollinng of that paper comes UNRULY FRIENDS and it is a slow drift to DESTRUCTION. TRUST ME I SEEE IT EVERY DAY. wake up my people, we don need someones cult and music WE HAVE OUR OWN.

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