Policy Shift observed as UK Invite Eritrea for Bilateral Talks and Investment

The pillar of the British foreign policy can be summed up as “ there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies but only permanent Interest.” Here they are!

By Foreign and Commonwealth Office ,

Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham met with the Eritrean Delegation to discuss a range of issues including the UK’s bilateral relationship with Eritrea.

The Eritrean Foreign Minister, Osman Saleh, and Yemane Ghebreab, senior political adviser to the President, visited the Foreign Office from 7-8 February. This was the first Eritrean ministerial visit to the UK.

The Eritrean Delegation met the Minister of Africa, Henry Bellingham, the Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, and had meetings with senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UKBA officials. 

A range of issues were discussed including the UK’s bilateral relationship with Eritrea; regional security and stability; migration and piracy.

Mr Bellingham also underlined the importance the UK attaches to improvements to human rights, including the case of the G11 (the group of 11 parliamentarians arrested in September 2001), and religious and press freedoms.

Mr Bellingham also hosted a business roundtable for existing and potential investors in which  22 companies participated.  Discussion centred on potential investment opportunities in the extractive (mining) industries, infrastructure development, agriculture and financial services.


5 responses to “Policy Shift observed as UK Invite Eritrea for Bilateral Talks and Investment

  1. I wish it was the case that the British has changed it policy against Eritrea. However the next US pushed UN sanction against Eritrea in 2013 and beyond will ban 2% contribution and Mining industry and everything eles, thats my view even though it hurts to say it.

    Look at the relationship between Britain and Gaddafi in the last 7 years. Britain even sold weapons the Libyan government before they overthrown him last year in 2011. So NEVER trust the British they can do and are doing alot of damage against Eritrea for many years in the past and in the future.

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  3. If you stand in what you believe, leaders and countries will respect you more, it is a human nature. Eritrea and its leaders did stand their cause. No Foregin Aid; no Donor vs recipient ( donor vs beggar) relationship. Eritrea told the west if you want to negotiate with us it is only in equal terms and investment related bilateral benefits. The time is coming for the west to respect that kind of attitude. Besides, they are sick and tired of giving food and money to the beggars year in year out.

  4. what a shame on UK politicians if they are prepared to shake hands with Africas dictator number one for the sake of some economical investments.. His hands is contaminated with the blood of his own people…..

    Just check his human rights records and you will see that Eritrea bottoms the list..

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