More than 20 Ambassadors Present their Credentials to the Eritrean Government

Amb. Norbertus Wilhelmus Maria Braakhuis of the Netherlands

By Shabait,

President Isaias Afwerki received the credentials of more than 20 Ambassadors in a ceremony conducted at the National Palace.

During the presentation ceremony, the Ambassadors asserted that they would play positive role in strengthening relations between Eritrea and their respective countries. 

The Ambassadors are:

Amb. Guy Feldman of Israel

Amb. Mahmoud Hassan Abdelal of Egypt

Amb. Majid Yusuf Yahiya of Sudan

Amb. Baard Hopland of Norway

Amb. Mohammed Bin E. Al-Mannia of Qatar

Amb. Marchel Gerrmann of the EU

Amb. Abdella Meter K. Almezruie of U.A.E

Amb. Luis Javier Campuzano of Mexico

Amb. Jewad Terk Abadi of Iran

Amb. Dr. Sudjatmiko of Indonesia

Amb. Toshihisa Takata of Japan

Amb. Baba Gana Wakil of Nigeria

Amb. Sibabrata Tripathi of India

Amb. Bart Ouvr of Belgium

Amb. Pavel Kafka of the Czech Republic

Amb. Moussa Diakite of Mali

Amb. Marco Antonio Diniz Brandao of Brazil

Amb. Kingsley Saka Abdul Karimu of Ghana

Amb. Kim Chan-woo of South Korea

Amb. Fazil Corman of Turkey



11 responses to “More than 20 Ambassadors Present their Credentials to the Eritrean Government

  1. When i see these ambassadors ,it gives me a peace in my mind and a pride in my feeling. Yes, it does.

  2. Does this replace our young people who died on sinai desert,If not what is the use 20 Ambassadors who give a shit we need twenty our people who can replace PFDJ leadership so our country will go forward .

  3. Yohannes, no they don´t replace them. But my question to U is: why did U kill them in the first place and then come here and complain?

  4. Thanks Yonannes, that was my exact question! It is NOTHING PERSONAL!!!! But Does anybody in the right mind think that he deserve More than 20 Ambassadors Present??? if so, For what? No need to put down people JACK! Answer the Question if you CAN! AS a human, think for a second….read, go to Eritrea and see what is really going on at there. Then, maybe, maybe you will have a knowledge about it!

  5. Luna & yohaness

    What is the relationship between diplomat and immigrant?

    Eritrea as a country it should and have to exchange diplomat with

    Other countries but when we come to immigrant who use the Sinai Deseret

    Weren't send by Eritrea they went there by their and their family will

  6. To semai

    who told you that this young ERITREAN left their beloved country on their

    own ?

    To tell you they left it becouse they were in military for undfinite time

    they want a better future for themselves like you and me who are in the west

    we can have better education for our selves and our kids and if we work hard even can own a house there is a say in tigrina "entezey tedefani men metsdefeni"and those who say that diffrent opinion should be removed or blocked please grow up let every body say what he/she thinks is right

    thanks for your tolorance!

  7. Selam comments should be removed also the IP address should be blocked and made public so they can held accountable.

    To Selam if you want to express those views go on Ethiopian foreign ministry website.

    No reply please.

    Admin Please Ban and report Selam because he/she is going against the ethos and principles, and if she/he reply's to my or anybody else's message then you could reveal there location and IP address public

    Consistent pressure should be made to ban, remove or edit rubbish.


  8. To Selam rubbish and her alike above

    If you (if you are Eritrean, but I doubt it) left Eritrea through Sinai (to get to wherever the hell you want to get to), you did it on your own will coz you want to avoid military service. If they (Eritreans or whoever they are) are losing their life in Sinai it is their responsibility. The military service in Eritrea is a mandatory service each Eritrean men and women have to give to defend their beloved country. More than 65,000 lives were sacrificed to get us our independence. Selam, how are you honoring them? And how are you planning to safeguard the sovereignty of your country?

    Idiots like you take the western news as is with no questions asked. Please educate and do a favor to your own self. Read, listen and analyze and do not voluntarily enslave yourself. BTW Do you know that massive number of East African immigrants (some neighbors of Eritrea) are seeking asylum as Eritreans in Europe, Middle East and the America? There is even a joke about it.

    Here for you:

    A hyena was caught in Paris near the famous boulevard park eating grass and Lion asked "when did hyenas start to eat grass" Hyena answered "shut up Lion, you will blow my cover, I told them (the authorities) that I am a donkey".

    The evil culprits in the region are using Eritreas name to tarnish the image as to satisfy their Master Evil and you are here talking about “Rights” you have your universal right if there is anyone blocking you from exercising your “Right” it is the UN, USA, EU and AU.

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