Eritrean Airlines Code Shares with Alitalia

Eritrean Airlines Expanding its Reaches through Codeshare

By TesfaNews,

Eritrean Airlines recently had entered in to a codeshare agreement with Alitalia via Rome to further expand its flight network as well as provide its customers traveling to and from Asmara with ample flight choices.

Alitalia will now add its “AZ” code to Eritrean Airlines-operated flights travelling between Asmara and Rome. On its part, Eritrean Airlines will add its “ERT” code to AZ-operated flights destined to Asmara via Rome.

As a codeshare partner, Eritrean Airlines will get access to several destinations throughout Europe and North America via Alitalia Airlines which is now serving as its operating carrier.  Alitalia will then provide all the planes, the crew and the ground handling services.

This will essentially reduce the operational cost of the Eritrean Airlines to almost nil so that the Airlines will increase its competitiveness by offering cheaper airfare deals. So far, more than 30 cities have been added to this new codeshare network.

Eritrean Airlines thus far started a new flight from Asmara to Canada and United States in the last couple of weeks via Rome at a never before fare of 835 Euro; and to Rome, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Geneva, Brussels, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Vienna, Sophia, Athens, Istanbul, and to all Italian cities at an incredible price ranging between 425 – 470 Euro for a round trip.

Conditions include:

  • This fare is valid on Eritrean & Alitalia Airlines route against B8-Manual tickets only
  • Journey may originate from USA/Canada.
  • Child fare 75% of the applicable fares
  • Infant fare 10% of the applicable fares
  • Fare validity: One year from date of travel
  • One way Fare would be half of the round trip fare
  • All applicable tavels must be paid by the passanger
  • Free stopover in ROME permitted in both directions, but all applicable taxes shall be paid by the passanger
  • NO-SHOW charges: 75 EUR
  • Rebooking/ Cancellation made within 24hrs charge: 50 EUR
  • Refunding charges: 50 EUR
  • This fare is not applicable on the AZ-light range (AZ2400 to AZ3999 & AZ 7000 to 7999)
  • The above fares are valid for tickets issued on or before 30 Sep 2012
  • All the above fares & conditions are subject to change without prior notice
  • Baggage allowance: Economy Class, 2pc/23KG each & Business 2pc/32KG each
  • This is a standalone policy no other incentives are applicable against these fares

Alitalia is Italy’s biggest airline and the world’s 19th. The agreement believed to further strengthen the two carrier’s cooperation by enhancing their customer services.

For reservation and bookings contact your travel agent or
Eritrean Airlines at the following numbers:

Reservations (Call Center): +291 1 124111, Email:
Ticketing: +291 1 125501 / 125500, Email:


The monopoly of Egypt Air and Luftansa on the Eritrean skys is getting a stiff competition from the National Carrier



18 responses to “Eritrean Airlines Code Shares with Alitalia

  1. Wooowww Woooowwww Wwoooooowwwww…….

    That's a wonderful strategy man. Eritrean Airlines can not wait any longer until it buys its own planes. Others will bring your passengers upto a destination that you can approach, then you cover the rest. In such a way, you can cover the world.

    There is no way Eritrea will cover the more than 40 destinations it is running now with one Airbus A320 and One Boieng 737-330E planes.

    VIVA Ere and the Eritrean Airline Managements

  2. The prices are unbelievable
    I will be there this summer
    Bye bye egypt air
    bye bye luftansa
    let's go Eritrean

  3. this a wonderful news for me BUT just called Alitalia reservation line ….. they can't find ASM or ERT code on their system … therefore they can't book the flight through them …. when does this goes operatinal??

  4. I believe the thing only works if you buy thickets from Eritrean Airlines. The other way round doesn't work.
    The Hadas Eritrea advert clearly puts it that the thicket has to be from Eritrean Airlines.

    I am hoping everything will go perfectly operational soon so that we enjoy our trips home Eritrean.

  5. Canada/USA to Eritrea for 835Euros??? TesfaNews is that round trip or one way? These are remarkable prices!

  6. To Kokob,
    According to the adverts running on both news papers (Hadas Eritrea and Profile) and the information forwarded to us, it is for a return ticket. Check the papers online at or use the contact addresses and email (Above in the article) to confirm further.

  7. For people who has never traveled first class before,this is your best chance to travel in first/buz. class with a pric of slightly 1000 EUR. Im glad Eritrean Airlines in in Pakistani managment, it was a disaster Airlines when the government put thier own managment after they kicked out the most experianced managment personal like Cap. Assres Araya. This teach us any business in the hand of Government is doomed to fail. Let privet people run the business and Government collect taxes.

  8. Selam Tesfa news.

    I just called Eritrean airlines in Asmara to confirm the laggage allowance, and it is only 1 x 20kg, as per the advert in Hadas Ertra, and not 2 x 23kg as you put it.

    1 x 20kg is too small for an Eritrean traveller i guess, and i wonder how much it would cost for the additional weights.

    Gratfull if you could clarify this from your sources.


  9. Thanks Tesfanews for your reply.

    Yes to US and Canada it is 2 x 23kg, but to Europe it is 1x20kg. I guess i didn't specify it clearly in the above comment. It is in the advert of Haddas Ertra 13.03.2012.

    Thanks again for your great information and website. Just love to mention that Tesfanews is very professional the way you present articles – and i love it.

  10. Thats sound tooo good to be true…what about Frankfurt to Asmara??? really only 425 -470 ???

  11. Has any one flew to Eritrea from USA/Canada with this deal? I am planning to send my family in June. Your experience is very helpful. Thank you!

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