Eritrea Writes to the UN Security Council Following Ethiopia’s Flagrant Aggression

The recent attack by the Ethiopian regime constitutes a malicious response to Eritrea's decade long pleas to the UN

By Foreign Affairs Ministry,

A day after the Ethiopian government admits its army carried out an incursion 18kms deep into soverign Eritrean territory, the Eritrean Foreign Minister swiftly sent a letter to the UN Security Council to protest and condemn the flargant act of agression by the Ethiopian government.

The letter asked the UNSC to take punitive measure against Ethiopia to rectify similar acts of agression on Eritrea’s soverign territories.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs
15 March 2012

H.E. Sir Mark Lyall Grant
President of the Security Council
United Nations
New York, N.Y. 10017


As blatantly announced in the official statement of the regime, “the Ethiopian army has carried out an incursion 18 kms deep into sovereign Eritrean territory to conduct an attack on Eritrean army outposts”. The Ethiopian regime has further bragged that it “will continue to support ‘opposition’ forces to topple the Eritrean Government”.

This reckless conduct is not surprising. Nor is it a new development or an escalation of hostilities that is taking place for the first time. It is part and parcel of the numerous unlawful and provocative attacks that have been going on intermittently in the past ten years.

The timing of the attack however appears to have been deliberately chosen to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the arbitral ruling of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission. And in this sense, it amplifies acts of flagrant aggression that continue to be perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime with impunity against Eritrea for over ten years.

As it may be recalled, the Government of Eritrea had urged the UN Security Council, through its letter of 28 February last month, to shoulder its responsibilities and take appropriate measures against the myriad and unlawful acts of aggression and occupation. The attack that the Ethiopian regime launched today constitutes a malicious response to Eritrea’s pleas.

It is patently clear, that the Ethiopian regime could not have unleashed such a flagrant act of aggression with such audacity without the protection and succor of the United States in the Security Council. The Ethiopian regime indeed seems as if it is baiting the international community, and particularly the UN Security Council, to “condone” its unlawful acts that threaten regional peace and stability.

The people and Government of Eritrea shall not entertain and will not be entrapped by deceitful ploys that are aimed at derailing and eclipsing the fundamental issues. But how long will the LIN Security Council continue to tolerate the flouting of the rule of law and the blatant violation of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of a Member State?

In the event, the Government of Eritrea urges, for the umpteenth time, the UN Security Council to shoulder its legal and moral responsibilities and to take appropriate measures to rectify acts of aggression against Eritrea’s sovereign territories and to ensure justice and the respect of the rule of law.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Osman Saleh
Foreign Minister
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3 responses to “Eritrea Writes to the UN Security Council Following Ethiopia’s Flagrant Aggression

  1. the un security council has to be non hesistant this time to punish the ethiopian government for their attrocity on eritrea. i cant believe how they dare to cross eritrean soil and bombard the people.

  2. The fact that Ethiopia has sent military attack in ethiopia had made the Ethiopians stop from migrating to eritrea to save their lives from killing , rape , looting and torture being directed at ethiopian civilians by the military government of Ethiopia. Eritrea can not be a safe heaven for the Ethiopians anymore since Ethiopia had started chasinf the civilians all the way inside Eritrea and killing them. Recently a deadly disease had spread throughout Tigray killing close to a thousand people. Noone knows tye disease or how it started. So far there has not been found a cure for it. Tigray people need to expose this unknown disease that is killing hundreds in Tigray. Eventhough the government tries to hide the existance of this unknown disease Tigray people need to bring the sick to Addis Ababa and proove that this disease exists to the whole country. During Hailesselasie time the starved Ethiopians came to Addis Ababa and exposed the existence of famine. The same thing need to be done quickly to find out the cure and the nature of this disease. If not Asmara the tIGRAY PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO NAIROBI , SUDAN OR EGYPT TO GET A REAL MEDICAL ATTENTION.

  3. According Ethiopian officials Ethiopian monasteries inside Ethiopiaare under attack by Eritrean mercinaries currently. Last week, the Woyanne junta reported that Eritrean mercinaries blew up 18 churches at Woldeba Monastery in northern Ethiopia. Yesterday, the historic Ziquala Monastery in southern Ethiopia was being threatened with a raging forest fire. On Tuesday 03/20/12 Ethiopia is reporting that Asebot Monastery in eastern Ethiopia is also engulfed with fire. This all actions are not prooven to have any connection with ritrea except on the report of Ethiopian government intelligence officials

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