Ethiopia to Export 45,000 Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia Each Month

Woyane Continues its systematic wholesale enslavement of Ethiopian women, particularly those from the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups.

No wonder if this is part of Woyane's 5 year growth and transformation plan. Daahhh!

By Saudi Gazette,

Ethiopia is facilitating procedures to send 45,000 maids to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia every month, an informed source at the Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has said.

Ethiopian housemaids have been high in demand after the Kingdom stopped recruiting housemaids from four countries, including Kenya, because the Kingdom has been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with these countries, Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday. Continue reading


There is no such thing called IGAD: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament (VIDEO)

By TesfaNews,

Kenyan Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Farah Maalim, during his interview with Jeff Koingange of K24 Television speaks frankly and boldly on the political situation of the region particularly in relation to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Ogaden and Kenya. Continue reading