There is no such thing called IGAD: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament (VIDEO)

By TesfaNews,

Kenyan Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Farah Maalim, during his interview with Jeff Koingange of K24 Television speaks frankly and boldly on the political situation of the region particularly in relation to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Ogaden and Kenya.

If the head of the legislative body of Kenya have such a wonderful and unbiased understanding of the region, one ponders to ask then who is running Kenya and why are Kenyans allowed themselves to be played by a certain poor and less resourceful country like Ethiopia.

Here is the answer for that from Hon. Farah Maalim:

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Click here to follow the remaining three parts of the interview:  PART -1    PART – 3  and PART – 4
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3 responses to “There is no such thing called IGAD: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament (VIDEO)

  1. I never thought I would hear a Kenyan deputy speaker admit that his government "doesn't have its own foreign policy," but rather follows commands issued by its western masters following the movement of their stick.

    Goodness gracious! How could they step so low?

  2. But I had been aware all along that the institutionalized corruption in Kenya which resulted in the 2011 devastating man-made famine has signaled the beginning of the end of Kenya's glory days, reducing the country into perpetual servitude and addiction to foreign-aid, much like the woyane-occupied Ethiopia today. What a pity! What a shame !

    Kudos to the Deputy speaker for speaking the Truth ! Eritreans should grant him Honorary Citizenship!

  3. well, it is about time. African leaders must know what "leader, government, country" means. It is time to measure the addiction damage & determine to free themselves from the foreign-aid. Can Kenya do it? I hope the kidnapped IGAd one day will serve for what was intended. The fact is there is no Ethiopia, but woyane; they will serve & do anything to distruct any positive move.

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