Zenawi’s Parliament Speech Angered Muslims; Five Killed During Protest

In a move that appears designed to extort Western money and support in the name of fighting extremism, the regime of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is inflaming the Muslim population that has largely been moderate and peaceful.

Ethiopian Muslims angered by the heavy-handed interference and deceptive speech by Meles Zenawi, staged one of the largest rallies on April 27 after Friday prayers

By Yuunus Hajji Mul’ataa,

Police on Friday killed five protesters, including an elderly scholar, in Assasa town in central Ethiopia in the ongoing Ethiopian Muslim “anti-Ahbashism” protests that have spanned 13 weeks. In the Ethiopian capital on Friday, the major mosques of Addis Ababa and the streets were taken by a wave of protesters that chanted: “We want our rights! Stop Ahbashism campaign! Allahu Akbar!!”

The protestors strongly denounced the continued government interference in the religious affairs and said, “We must elect our religious leaders by ourselves. Continue reading


Destroying Africa With Western “Democracy”

A Prescription of Aid along with Ballot Box indeed killed Democracy in Africa

By Thomas C. Mountain,

Western style “democracy”is destroying Africa.  It seems everywhere you look in Africa you see elections marked by violence and bloodshed. “Buy, Rig or Steal” is the name of the game and if that doesn’t work, send in the French army and UN “peacekeepers” and rocket the presidential residence and just take over by brute force.

Democracy” is supposed to mean that the leaders of a nation do what their people want them to do.  Continue reading

Gabon: Meron Russom Named The First African to Win A Yellow Jersey (VIDEO)

The second stage of Tropical Amissa Bongo will go down in the annals of the race but also in the history of African cycling. While two Eritreans, Daniel Teklehaymanot in Lambaréné and Natnael Berhane in Libreville, had won the first stage in 2011, this time it is Meron Russom who wore the leader’s jersey in Ndjolé on Wednesday (25) afternoon.

Meron Russom has achieved what no rider on the African continent had done it before

By Peter Eric,

The Eritrean from Team MTN-Qhubeka, has achieved what no rider on the continent had already done. With premiums achieved on the finish line for his third place in the stage, Meron Russom is mounted on the top of the podium provisional.

It remains in effect even four steps to go and everything still to play. But this performance proves Continue reading

‘Disgruntled’ Eritrean Exile Groups Exposed


By TesfaNews,

For the past several days, the Eritrean-wanna-be-opposition groups that are based and funded by Ethiopia and the west has been busy of their usual misinformation campaign. But what makes this latest ‘fairytale’ different from the previous ones was, it perfectly exposed their bankrupt and corrupt nature. Continue reading

Believe or not, President Isaias is at the Peak of His Health: Ali Abdu

“Aim of Press Release was to encourage the development of a culture in looking at news in a bigger context rather than pieces of news items, but not that the President’s health needs witnessing” – Minister of Information Mr Ali Abdu

By all means of medical standards, PIA is at the peak of his health: Government

By EritreaCompass,

In a telephone interview he conducted with the Washington based Voice of America (VOA) Tigrignya service, the Minister of Information, Mr Ali Abdu confirmed that President Isaias Afewerki is in full Health.

Answering to the whereabouts of President Isaias Mr Ali Abdu stated that he met with the President for work purposes, and gave a detailed account of Presidents movement on Sunday, stating the following: Continue reading

Eritrea sets New Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Painting’

Certification for the world's longest painting by Eritrean youth

By Shabait,

A 7.166Km long painting prepared by Eritrean youth and displayed across the Asha Golgol – Himbirti road depicting a “Pollution-free World” has set a new Guinness Record title as the world’s ‘longest painting.’

The record-breaking achievement of the painting, which was made possible through participation of 827 Eritrean children, has surpassed earlier record held by Mexico for 6 Km-long painting. Continue reading

New High Grade Potash Zone Discovered at Colluli

New High Grade Potash Zone Discovered at Colluli – The World’s First open pit Potash Mine 

South Boulder indicated that Colluli has now a 1.08 billion tonnes of 18% grade for 194 million tonnes of contained potash which is an 85 percent increase in reserves

By John Phillips,

South Boulder Mines (ASX: STB) continues to deliver a positive newsflow from the Colluli Potash Project in Eritrea, with the latest instalment a new high grade potash zone. This discovery comes just a week after the resource almost doubled to 1.08 billion tonnes at 18% KCl for 194 million tonnes of potash, and bodes well for future resource upgrades.

The combination of the shallow nature of this additional mineralisation, and the high-grade and strategic location, means it has strong potential to boost Collulis economics, particularly in the early phase of the project. Continue reading