Massive Expulsion of Ethnic Amhara Settlers from Southern Ethiopia

“VOA and German Radio have reported that so far, over 78,000 ethnic Amhara Ethiopians, including children, women, and the elderly have been evicted from Southern Region of Ethiopia after everything they owned was confiscated” 

Ethnic Amhara in Ethiopia under attack

By Argaw Ashine,

Ethiopia’s Southern Region government has over the past two weeks expelled more than 20,000 ethnic Amhara settlers.

The regional authorities reportedly ordered the settlers to return to their ‘home’ in Bench-Maji Province.

Southern Region Governor Shiferaw Shigute declined to comment on the issue, while his aide said the regional government was not aware of the expulsion.

However, according to the letter that is widely available online indicated that Mr Shiferaw had ordered the eviction to prevent the Amhara from dominating the region.

The local government also confiscated the Amhara’s farmland and property and paid them a meagre $3 (50 Birr) for lunch during their departure.

Thousands of evicted residents arrived in Addis Ababa and the authorities kept them on separate compounds, while some 600 others were taken to a location some 130km out of the capital.

Ethnic Amhara settled in the Southern Region 20 years ago, mostly as labourers, but were later permitted by the local government to own land and property.

The Amhara, reputed as a powerhouse of Ethiopian politics, form about 26 per cent of the country’s population and are estimated to be around 20 million.

Ethiopia’s Southern Region is home to over 50 minority groups and often experiences sporadic ethnic tensions over resources and power.
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VOA Amharic Service covers the story widely. HERE is the audio link to the reportage from Addis Ababa VOA Amharic Service journalist Eskindr Frew.
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This gruesome act reminds us the cruel expulsion of the over 75,000 Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin to Eritrea by the same minority regime led by Meles Zenawi. We can only say that “what goes around comes around.”
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  1. Just this past Sunday 04/08/12 a convoy carrying the governor of Sudan’s was attacked by Amhara farmers inside Ethiopia.The attack was carried out because the governor started an argument with an Ethiopian farmer and told him that the land belongs to Sudan, at which point a group of armed Amhara farmers arrived at the scene and opened fire on the governor’s convoy. The attack showed the Sudanese government that Meles can not sell Ethiopian land to noone. Amhara is saying enough is enough.

    The attack took place while Governor Abbas was on his way to Ethiopia for a meeting with Meles Inc. officials. Although no one was harmed in the fire, Abbas immediately cancelled his trip inside the Ethiopia and called in security reinforcements to escort his convoy back to Al-Qadarif. The incident had infuriated the governor who later threatened to sever his state’s ties with Ethiopia without referring to the central government in Khartoum.
    The sources added that the governor had also threatened to lead a military campaign against the Ethiopian Amhara farmers and arm Sudanese tribes to fight them.

  2. Hahahaha they are even deporting their own people now? I feel sorry especially for the innocent children. Wow, Zenawi has really out done himself now. What an evil government. Those who were dancing at the Eris deportation should beware, cuz karma is a bitch. Mekele will be the next destination for the future deportees . Mark my word 🙂

  3. Ii dont no how the meles government continue. its a falled government taking the great ethiopia . it it is not bgovernment but a killil government. ethiopia is officialy a failed state but its continue b/se the usa wants or see ethiopia as a colony to them.we can see a high rise building in adiss or in mekele or mean mega dams , but we can not see any devolopment to the peoples life. This is b/se the adiss government s economic fail

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