Gabon: Meron Russom Named The First African to Win A Yellow Jersey (VIDEO)

The second stage of Tropical Amissa Bongo will go down in the annals of the race but also in the history of African cycling. While two Eritreans, Daniel Teklehaymanot in Lambaréné and Natnael Berhane in Libreville, had won the first stage in 2011, this time it is Meron Russom who wore the leader’s jersey in Ndjolé on Wednesday (25) afternoon.

Meron Russom has achieved what no rider on the African continent had done it before

By Peter Eric,

The Eritrean from Team MTN-Qhubeka, has achieved what no rider on the continent had already done. With premiums achieved on the finish line for his third place in the stage, Meron Russom is mounted on the top of the podium provisional.

It remains in effect even four steps to go and everything still to play. But this performance proves the great evolution of these African nations such as Eritrea, Ethiopia and Morocco who stood up today to seasoned pros of Team Europcar Thomas Voeckler and Anthony Charteau. These would certainly want to take already some lead overall enjoying the bumpy road to today’s stage. But with the Astana riders and Eritreans, they could not enjoy the least freedom.

Meron Russom, 25, is not a stranger on the African continent. After his 11 th place in 2011 on the Tropicale Amissa Bongo, he won the difficult Tour of Eritrea. A few weeks ago, he finished in 9 th place of the famous Tour of Morocco under the banner of Team MTN-Qhubeka based in South Africa since he joined this year.

His third place in the final sprint this afternoon had not frustrated, he knew that the bonuses would help to take this coveted yellow jersey. At his side, the Kazakh Nikita Umerbekov enjoying his stage win ahead of Thomas Voeckler. The rider of Team Astana Continental is also a promising youngster, he won the Fleche in 2011 Ardennes in Belgium. (Software Translation)

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  1. I am proud of you my Eritrean brothers. Eritrea is shining in all aspects because of its brave children. Gabon should regret its mistake of being a tool for Ethiopian regime in asking the UN to pus sanctions on Eritrea last summer.

  2. 'Fetaw' you must be ignorant then. What the dude was saying is correct and something to be proud of. Why don't you eat cake and sleep tight. There is nothing wrong I see on his comment. Sorry about that.

  3. If it was not for our political stand as nation who had seek to compete with the world (mis-alema) during our struggle for our independence as a nation we would not be in the record books, whether it is Meron, Zersenay, Daniel, Natnael even Mebrahtom the Eritrean American and many others play a critical role in identifying the nation of Eritrea as they are ambassadors of Eritrea (unofficially for Meb) in the world of sport they would not be where they are if it was not politically motivated image what it does for the youth of Eritrea every time these legends come home with a victory. These sports heroes are just a few of the result from our sacrifice.

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