Passionate Global Independence Day Celebrations

This Year’s Independence Day Celebration was like rewarding a Vote of Confidence to the Government of Eritrea

Every Eritrean citizen knows and understands how the country became a reality ... and that's why they celebrated it with zeal and passion

By Kidane Eyob,

Eritreans round the globe including those in remote villages deep inside Eritrea have been celebrating the anniversary of their independence with passion and excitement, somehow uniquely and surprisingly with more energy and vigour than that of 2011 when they celebrated Eritrea’s 20th year independence.

These celebrations have been passionate and genuine and it is evident that they want to convey a loud and clear message to the whole wide world that wherever they are, Eritreans support their people and theirgovernment. Continue reading


President Al-Bashir Thrilled by his Three Days Eritrea Visit

Thanks to accomplishing development tasks on the basis of self-reliance, the Eritrean people are on the path of realizing its goals: Pres. Al-Bashir

By TesfaNews,

President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir of the Republic of Sudan has expressed his at most appreciation at the end of his three days state visit to Eritrea on the occasion of the country’s 21st anniversary celebrations of Independence Day.

In the course of their meeting with Presidents Isaias, the two leaders discussed a range of issues of interest to the two countries including but not limited to bilateral relations, developments in Sudan, as well as regional and international issues.  Continue reading

President of Uganda Arrives in Asmara (Update)

Last year in August, President Musevini invited President Afwerki for a three days state visit

By TesfaNews,

After two days from hosting the President of the Republic of the Sudan for a three days state visit, President Isaias Afwerki has also invited the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni for a two days official state visit.

Up on arrival today at the Asmara International Airport, the Ugandan leader was accorded warm welcome by President Isaias. The welcoming ceremony also involved salute of the Guard of Honor.  Continue reading

UN Starves a Million Somalis on 10 Cents A Day

A million dollar a day for the War but only 10 cents a day to feed the victims of that war.

For UN and US, such a catastrophe is nothing but business as usual

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The UN announced its budget for feeding the over one million Somali refugees under its care for the next year and have allocated less than 10 cents a day to do so.

Anthony Lake, once nominated to head the CIA, now UNICEF supremo, held a press conference in April 2012 to declare a budget of $35 million for the next year to feed the Somali refugees in its care, over one million and growing by the dayContinue reading

Watch Nevsun Transition into a Copper Mine

The World Class Gold-Copper-Zinc Mine in Eritrea: Bisha

By TesfaNews,

With construction of the Copper plant at Bisha mine well underway, we will continue to regularly bring you the photo update so you can watch the copper phase expansion project progress.  Continue reading

Happy 21st Independence Day Eritrea!

Eritreans pledged to determine the fate of their country through resilience and hard work

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

Independence Day for the dear land, mother Eritrea, is a special day for Eritreans.

It is a great joy to see its celebrations grow. This day speaks so much to us; it has a powerful affect on us it has a strong voice. This day is also full of emotions that speak for themselves. This day is like a living thing for us Eritreans. It feeds on our joy, proud determination, and greatness we develop on this very day.  Continue reading

Eritrea Celebrates its 21st Independence Anniversary

“It is gratifying and a cause of pride to note that our freedom and independence has been gaining increased momentum from year to year thanks to the enormous price paid by the 90 thousand patriots”, – President Isaias Afwerki

Independence Day for the dear land, mother Eritrea, is a special day for Eritreans

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim,

The African continent can benefit from all the accomplishments this new country Eritrea has done within its life span of only 21 years.

Eritrea, despite the obstacles faced, with its consistent and undivided attention to achieve what is right for its citizens, it is able to show tangible progress in the sectors of health, education, infrastructure, agriculture and communication. Continue reading