About us

Tesfa’ is a Geez word meaning “Hope”

TesfaNews.net is a blog that is dedicated to inform, entertain and inspire the Eritrean people inside and abroad by amplifying every positive and ‘Tesfa’ news available about or  related to ERITREA.

TesfaNews is not affiliated to any governmental, political or religious organization. Rather, it is simply a pro-Eritrea (as a country, not necessarily regime) news and views website with an online presence through www.tesfanews.com and www.tesfanews.net

Our programs are picked and posted independently that are in line to our motto.

We are inspired and driven by nothing but the LOVE of Eritrea.

Any one who stands for the same cause can directly contribute articles, links, photos and videos to this website.

We look forward to hearing all your comments and criticisms.

TesfaNews Team