Dear Donor,

We are a team of dedicated Eritreans who wants to inform, entertain and inspire our people inside and abroad, by providing every positive news and analysis about our country Eritrea in order to keep the ‘Tesfa” of Eritreanism going.

We are affiliated with NONE of the existing political actors/ groups. Instead, we are simply pro-Eritrea nationalists that are inspired by the love of Eritrea.

We need your support to keep our good job of informing and correcting the positive image of Eritrea aginst the continued misinformation and Eritrea-bashing campaign from anti-Eritrea quarters.

If you stand for the same cause and would like to contribute your part in the fight, you can do so by supporting TesfaNews financially – with no limits.

Let’s keep the ‘Tesfa’ of Eritrea shining both by exposing the lies behind the negative campaigns and by amplifying every positive and Tesfa News that happens about Eritrea.

Looking Forward your continued support,

The TesfaNews Team



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