Eritrea Requests a Delay on Sanction Vote, UN Council Refuses

Eritrea requested the UN Council for an alternative date citing the “extremely short notice”- one day and half – to make the necessary travel and other arrangements

By Shabait,

Eritrea has requested the United Nations Security Council for an alternative date for President Isaias’s address to the Council, citing the “extremely short notice” it was given as well as the need to make necessary travel arrangements.

Eritrea had formally requested the Security Council to grant an audience to President Isaias on 24 October 2011. After being held up by the objection of the United States for over five weeks, the Security Council informed Eritrea at the end of the working day on Wednesday that it had scheduled the President’s for Monday. The fact that Eritrea received the Security Council’s notification on Thursday meant that it had only one working day to complete preparation for the trip. The President and his delegation had also not received visas to the United Stated as late as Friday afternoon and no information on when these visas would be available. Continue reading