Eritrea Seeks Chinese Investment on Energy and Financial Sector: Shanghai Daily

Eritrea is calling on Chinese investors for more infrastructural investment as it seeks to grow the finance sector

With the growing cash flow from the mining sector, investment in the financial sector will be attractive and investors will benefit from a first-mover advantage

By Shanghai Daily,

SINO-ERITREAN business relations go back to the beginning of Eritrea’s independence, and in recent years, China has made significant contributions to the African country’s growth, especially in infrastructure, such as hospitals, roads, schools and other amenities. China also supports Eritrea in developing its industrial, agricultural and mining sectors.

As a virgin territory, there are significant opportunities for Chinese investors to participate in developing Eritrea’s potential across the board. Now, however, experts within the financial industry are calling for more investment in the country’s infrastructure; the knock-on effects of which will help this fledgling sector take flight. Continue reading