Eritrea Resists 10 years of Ethiopian Occupation and Aggression

After 10 years of aggression and occupation by the Ethiopian regime, Eritrea warns the statuesque cannot be continuing indefinitely

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The Independent Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) delivered its final and binding delimitation and demarcation decisions on 13 April 2002 and 30 November 2007 respectively.

Emboldened by the diplomatic, financial, military and political shield and support it receives from the United States and its allies, the belligerent minority regime in Ethiopia continues to militarily occupy sovereign Eritrean territories, including Badme, the casus belli of the Eritrea Ethiopia border conflict in 1998-2000. Continue reading


ARDUF Denies Existence of Training Camps inside Eritrea, Vows to Continue Struggle

TPLF led Ethiopian government is tactically at war with the Afar people in order to realize their dream of ‘Greater Tigray” by incorporating a chunk of Afar territory – ARDUF

Our training camps were not targeted on March 15 in places called Galacbiyyi, Ramood and Ginxi as they simply do not exist


The Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) through its Press Release issued on Tuesday (27) has denied the existence of any “attacks” carried out by the Ethiopian government forces in any of its military or training camps inside Ethiopia as it categorically denies the existence of any kind of military and training camps inside Eritrea.

Instead, it confirms the existence of a continued engagement of its forces with the TPLF led Ethiopian soldiers since March 17 and in the ensuing skirmish, ARDUF claims it has killed 26, capture 13 and injured more than a dozen government troops. Here below is the Press Release: Continue reading

Austria Voiced its Support for Implementation of the Algiers Agreement

"There is a need for preventive diplomacy from EU to counteract any further buildup of tensions" - Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria

By African Press Organization,

Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria,  Michael Spindelegger, expressed his concern over the growing tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Reports of attacks on Eritrean territory near the Ethiopian border are causing alarm bells to ring and are pointing to the need for preventive diplomacy“, said the Vice Chancellor.

Spindelegger demanded an end to the violence and urged the politicians in charge to exercise restraint, to respect the principles of international law, and to seek a peaceful solution to outstanding issues.  Continue reading

Zenawi: You can’t be a Beggar and a Regional Power at the same time (OPINION)

One thing that Zenawi has missed throughout was, it is impossible to become a beggar and regional power at the same time.

A dwarf that aspires to be colossal through Alms

By Tazabi-1,

The main objective of the recent media campaign by the Meles Zenawi Chenawi regime for its incursion and attacks inside Eritrea was to bring the Ethio-Eritrean border issue back to limelight in a hope to find some willing mediators to bring the two sides on a negotiating table.

Meles fully knows that he can’t afford a full scale war with Eritrea at this time. Meles is engulfed by runaway inflation and mounting internal strives. Continue reading

Sanctions on Eritrea Politically Motivated

An Eritrean ambassador says UN-led sanctions on the country are a product of big nations and media institutions mainly driven by corporate interests.

Amb. Tesfa-Michael Gerahtu on Press TV

By Press TV,

Press TV has conducted an interview with Tesfa-Michael Gerahtu, Eritrean Ambassador to the UK/Ireland, to further discuss the issue.

The following is a transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Eritrea has been in the news for a variety of reasons, certainly in the Western press because ‘you’re supporting terrorist movements, you’re supporting attacks on tourists’. Time, I guess, to give your version since we hardly hear about the Eritrean version of events in the mainstream media.  Continue reading