How the UN is Used to Destroy African Sovereignty

“No nation in the world can forward its interest alone or through the UN if it does not serve the interest of the US. It is US interest or no interest.”

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

It is impossible to try to put in layman’s language the way United Nations (UN) works. To understand it, one need to explore the core values, the purposes the organization bases its foundation, and compare it to how it is functioning currently.

The UN was established by the United States in collaboration with England at the height of Second World War. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill spent a great deal of time in Washington crafting the language and the framework for an organization that has become a major tool to further the agenda of Western nations led by the US.  Continue reading


Eritrea on Track Achieving Six out of Eight Millennium Development Goals

A UN representative has said relying on foreign aid to achieve the Millennium Development Goals did a disservice to Africa, and has called on African governments to find alternative funding sources and clean up their act


Eritrea is on pace to achieve six of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the target date of 2015, according to the London-based think tank, Africa Research Institute[1] and the United Nations Development Programme.[2]

The six MDGs Eritrea is on track in achieving are from MDG 2-to-7 that are Universal Primary Education, Gender Equality and Empowering Women, Reducing Child Mortality, Improvement of Maternal Health, Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Disease and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.  Continue reading

African Union turned into Handmaiden for Pax Americana

The aftermath of AU’s betrayal to Africa, particularly to Eritrea and Somalia is there for all to see.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

Professor Ali A. Mazrui, Director of the Institute of Global Cultural  Studies and Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities State  University of New York, in his 2003 article “Between Pax Americana and Pax Africana“, wrote about the effects of the September 11 attacks on Africa and US policy in Africa . Professor Mazrui, in concluding his article asked the following:

“…will American resources help to strengthen Pax Africana, or will American power simply turn it into a handmaiden of Pax Americana ? How can we avoid the Americanization of Pax Africana ?…”

Hence the title and subject for today’s lengthy piece… Continue reading

Eritrea Urges Respect of AU Rules and Procedures, Again

By abusing its privilege of Chairing IGAD and its host country status, Ethiopia continues its violation of AU’s rules and procedures unabated

By TesfaNews,

The Eritrean Foreign Minister, in his recent letter addressed to the Chairperson of the African Union, strongly urged for the respect of the rules and procedures that govern the continental body.

This follows after Ethiopia’s scripted drama of violating  Paragraphs 9 and 10 (a and  b) of Article 8 of the AU’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) protocols to enable it stage another political and diplomatic advantage against Eritrea, by lending a hand this time from Djibouti.  Continue reading

Hon. Farah Maalim Defies TPLF Envoy With Historical Facts

“I suppose the Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya, knowing it came from a very dictatorial regime, may not comprehend the dynamics of a liberal democracy like we have in Kenya” – Hon. Farah Maalim, Kenyan Parliament Deputy Speaker

"We cannot afford to have a meaningless antagonism with Eritrea," Farah Maalim

By Farah Maalim,

My attention has been drawn to an article published by The Standard On Saturday on March 24 (see below) by Shemsudin Roble, Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya.

While I initially hesitated to comment and give credence to the commentary by the ambassador on the regional dynamics, I, however, felt it important to clarify certain misinformation and erroneous aspects pertaining to my interview with K24 on March 15 at least for the benefit of Kenyans and other people in the region. I wish to clarify the following issues: Continue reading

There is no such thing called IGAD: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament (VIDEO)

By TesfaNews,

Kenyan Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Farah Maalim, during his interview with Jeff Koingange of K24 Television speaks frankly and boldly on the political situation of the region particularly in relation to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Ogaden and Kenya. Continue reading

The Reigning African Champion Natnael Berhane Wins the 2012 Tour d’Algérie

"We did it again..." Eritrea won Tour D'Algerie for the second consecutive time

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea’s cycling superstar and Africa’s current championship Natnael Rerhane won overall the 2012 Tour D’Algerie by standing first in the general classification of the race that took place in Algeria from 10 – 16 March.

The 2012 cycling tour of Algeria, as part of the UCI Africa Tour with a 2.2 class, has attracted around 123 cyclists representing 15 countries and 18 foreign teams.  Continue reading