Eritrea: The Perfect Scapegoat for Somalia Debacle

Amb. Susan Rice – A lady behind all the cock-and-bull stories against Eritrea


Yesterday the U.S. Treasury Department froze the assets of two Eritrean government officials ostensibly because “The United States is determined to target those who are responsible for the ongoing bloodshed and instability in Somalia,” said Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Director Adam J. Szubin. This begs the question: Who is responsible for the bloodshed and instability in Somalia? Somalia has been without a government since 1991. Continue reading


UN Starves a Million Somalis on 10 Cents A Day

A million dollar a day for the War but only 10 cents a day to feed the victims of that war.

For UN and US, such a catastrophe is nothing but business as usual

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The UN announced its budget for feeding the over one million Somali refugees under its care for the next year and have allocated less than 10 cents a day to do so.

Anthony Lake, once nominated to head the CIA, now UNICEF supremo, held a press conference in April 2012 to declare a budget of $35 million for the next year to feed the Somali refugees in its care, over one million and growing by the dayContinue reading

African Union: A Tool to Western Rule in Africa

The aftermath of AU’s betrayal to Africa and its disservice to the USA is there for all to see

By Thomas C Mountain,

The African Union (AU) has mutated into a particularly corrupt and brutal enforcer of western rule in Africa. When it comes to the interests of Pax Americana, you must start with the crimes committed in the AU’s “War on Terror” in Somalia a.k.a. The War on the Somali people.

In 2006 the Somalis themselves under the umbrella of the Union of Islamic Courts brought about a miracle in many observers eyes and established a functioning government in the former capital of Mogadishu bringing peace and security to the region for the first time in 15 years. Continue reading

Hon. Farah Maalim Defies TPLF Envoy With Historical Facts

“I suppose the Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya, knowing it came from a very dictatorial regime, may not comprehend the dynamics of a liberal democracy like we have in Kenya” – Hon. Farah Maalim, Kenyan Parliament Deputy Speaker

"We cannot afford to have a meaningless antagonism with Eritrea," Farah Maalim

By Farah Maalim,

My attention has been drawn to an article published by The Standard On Saturday on March 24 (see below) by Shemsudin Roble, Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya.

While I initially hesitated to comment and give credence to the commentary by the ambassador on the regional dynamics, I, however, felt it important to clarify certain misinformation and erroneous aspects pertaining to my interview with K24 on March 15 at least for the benefit of Kenyans and other people in the region. I wish to clarify the following issues: Continue reading

There is no such thing called IGAD: Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament (VIDEO)

By TesfaNews,

Kenyan Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Farah Maalim, during his interview with Jeff Koingange of K24 Television speaks frankly and boldly on the political situation of the region particularly in relation to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Ogaden and Kenya. Continue reading

The tale of “Eritrean Weapons Caught in the Hands of Terrorists”

Another reason to reject the integrity and impartiality of the UN Monitoring report

By Shabait,

One of the many baseless and false accusations fabricated to accuse Eritrea was that “weapons originating from Eritrea were found in with Somali warlords.” And the serial numbers of the weapons supposedly found in the hands of the warlords were presented to the monitoring group as evidence. “We have asked and confirmed that Russia previously sold the weapons to Eritrea,” the group had said.

At first, any naive party could be convinced by these facts. Even the Russians were forced to refer back to their documents, and, obviously, verified that the serial numbers in fact corresponded with their records. Continue reading

Manipulation of AU, IGAD and the UN Security Council to advance Ethiopia’s Agendas

The May 2009, six hours long private meeting between Zenawi and Rice was the genesis of their ill-gotten, evil agenda of sanctioning Eritrea was first hatched.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

On 23 December 2009, after the Security Council adopted Resolution 1907 (2009) that imposed sanctions on the State of Eritrea and its people, Susan E. Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, insulting the intelligence of the Eritrean people and showing her contempt for Africans in general and Eritreans in particular, made the following comments to the press:

“…I want to talk about the resolution we just adopted imposing sanctions on Eritrea. This was an African initiative. It was the consequence of a decision taken by the African Union… Continue reading